Group Classes, Personal Training and Accountability Coaching help you take charge of your fitness. Get ready to Transform.

group classes


energy, rhythm & burn

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, everyone is welcome in our classes, where there’s power in numbers.

Stick to your favorite, or change it up!

There’s something for everyone.

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personal training

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Work one-on-one with a trainer to develop and implement a personalized workout plan to help you reach your wellness and fitness goals. Your trainer accompanies you during each sweat sesh.

This is for you, if:

  • you want an individualized workout plan, personalized guidance, and an accountability partner
  • you have specific sport training you want to work on
  • you have unique requirements or request modifications
  • you’re looking for MAXIMUM results with no wasted time

How it works: Meet with a trainer, make a personalized plan, and work it. Together you’re stronger.

Benefits: Prevent injury. Perfect your form. Be held accountable on a regular basis.

accountability coaching



We’ll use your unique DNA to develop a program that you can follow on your own. Your coach will check in with you on a weekly basis for weigh-ins and check-ins.

This is for you, if:

  • you want help developing a customized workout and nutrition plan that will get you results, but you don’t need one-on-one time every day (once a week will do)
  • you want an accountability partner for goal setting and strategizing to review progress and set-backs
  • you’re a planner and want to workout on your own, but with a little guidance

How it works: Meet with a coach and develop a plan. Use the training app to track weekly workouts, nutrition goals, and progress. Check in with your coach every week. Complete a monthly goal setting and strategizing session with your coach to review progress and setbacks and to plan for your next four weeks.

Benefits: Take the guesswork out of your health and fitness routine with an accountability partner—at arm’s length.

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find your fit

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