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paint the parking lot pink!

Vaunt Fitness hosted its 2nd Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Event October 2021! With an entry fee of $50, the following was included: Choice of Group Class or 5K Run, Long Sleeve PINK Event Shirt, Entry into the Grand Prize Raffle of a YETI Cooler stocked with items from our Sponsors.

Thank you to our Event Sponsors:
  • Semy –
  • Wantuck HVAC –
  • Home Run Inn –
  • Lakeshore OBGYN –
  • Rave Construction –
  • State Farm Insurance Agency of Adam Doe –

exclusive gear available

Proceeds will go to A Silver Lining Foundation. A foundation who provides respectful and equal access to cost-free breast health testing through a network of partnerships with community, advocacy and healthcare organizations.


Vaunt hosts multiple events a year each focusing on giving back to a different non-profit organization in our community. Our one day events are fun & inspiring pushing you to be your best while also connecting with a friend or two. Bring along your bestie, give back to the community and come sweat with us!

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New Years Resolution
Paint the Parking Lot PINK!

Group Classes


Glutes Maxed is a 45-minute class that focuses on increasing lower body and core strength.  Using slow movements and a variety of equipment you can expect to increase both muscle mass and endurance while strengthening your core.

Thursday @ 5:30am with Coach Steph

Thursday @ 7:00pm with Coach Louis


During this 45-minute class, you will enhance your physical performance, and continue to develop movement abilities using weights and resistance bands. This station based class will challenge your muscular and cardiovascular endurance and is great for all levels!

Tuesday @ 7:00pm Coach Jordan
Friday @ 5:30 am with Coach Cheri

Sunday @  8am with Coach Patsy


Barbell Basics is for all levels to learn the proper technique of barbell strength training.  Each month members will focus on and master different barbell techniques & movements. This is great dor beginners or if you are working towards a PR!

Wednesday @ 6:00 pm with Coach Nick

Saturday @ 8:00am with Coach Lucas


Flow through movement and breath in our Vinyasa Yoga Class, a dynamic practice harmonizing mind and body. Suitable for all levels, this moving meditation builds strength, flexibility, and mindfulness. Join us on the mat for a balanced and tranquil experience.

Sunday @ 11:00am with Coach Aaron


Cardio Crush is designed to increase your overall endurance by using a mix of high intensity intervals and steady state of cardio.  This class is great for beginners to advanced athletes – you set your pace under the guidance of a Coach. While treadmills are the focus of the class, ellipticals, stationary bikes and stairs can be utilized.

Tuesday @ 5:30am with Coach Steph


This mat-pilates class will focus on strength, stability, posture, and flexibility. This low-impact style workout will use body weight or light-weighted movements with an emphasis on challenging your core control.

Friday @ 6:30am with Coach Cheri


Experience a dynamic workout targeting every muscle group. This high-intensity class combines various exercises for a full-body burn, promoting endurance and flexibility. Suitable for all fitness levels.

Monday @ 6:30am with Coach Patsy
Thursday @ 6:00pm with Coach Louis
Friday @ 6:00pm with Coach Louis


This total body workout uses kickboxing elements to increase cardio and weight training to build your strength.  Cardio Kickboxing will leave you feeling strong & sweaty, saying “Now THAT was a workout!”


Mondays @ 6pm with Coach Rich


Arms & Abs will focus on building strength and toning the upper body and core muscle groups.  Using various types of resistance bands, dumbbells, kettlebells, and body weight your body will feel the power!

Wednesday @ 5:30am with Coach Patsy
Wednesday @ 7:00pm with Coach Nick


This class focuses on overall core development and strength. Training your core is integral to improving your balance and stability.  Strength in your core is what keeps you from being able to complete or continue an exercise even in moves where you’re not primarily working your abs. A solid core sets the stage for success in regards to any form of strength training.

Saturday @ 7:00am with Coach Lucas


HIIT workouts allow you to maximize your workouts in minimal time.  This class involves short bursts of intense exercise followed by low intensity recovery periods.  You will utilize treadmills, rowers, dumbbells, kettlebells and more! 

Monday @ 8:30AM with Coach Patsy

Monday @ 7:00PM with Coach Rich

Tuesday @ 6:00PM with Coach Jordan


Deep stretch is a 50 minute class, where each position is held for 3 to 5 mins, each shape being supported by the ground or a prop. Allowing the muscles to recognize the stretch as well as releasing tension held there. Soothing styled music is played to compliment the relaxation process.

Sunday @ 5:30PM with Coach Aaron

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